How I Advertise your Chicago Home

How I Advertise Your Listing

Do not be confused. If you ask most real estate agents, they will say that they Do have a webpage or advertise on the web. However, look carefully and see if it goes beyond just a basic page that most brokers offer their agents. Or a site that automatically pulls information from the Multiple Listing Service. my listings are enhanced with text descriptions, slideshows, and additional pictures! I have a powerful tool with which I can market your home effectively to the public. Let’s face it, If buyers cannot find your home and don’t know it is for sale, they cannot buy it.

It is estimated that 80% of home buyers begin their searches on the Internet! So being an expert in this regard is extremely important to home sellers. Signs and print ads are no longer the effective advertising tools they once were. I take pride in the work that I have done in this area and it would be a pleasure to show you what I can do for you on the world wide web! So take a look at just some of the websites that I am utilizing to sell my customers properties:

Craig’s List

Google Base



Plus Your Own Custom Website