Third Annual Palos  Harvest Chapel  Church Picnic, First Place Beef Brisket!

Today I went to the 3rd Church picnic. Even-though it was in the low 90″s , it didnt stop anyone from attending.

Harvest Bible Chapel meets for church  at Stagg High School at 8015 w 111th Street in Palos Hills ,Il.

This isnt a hotdog and hambuger picnic ( not that there’s anything wrong with that) , the small groups that

meet weekly pick a theme, and everyone in the group prepares a dish that goes along with the theme.

For example,Last year one of the small groups were dressed like Persians, and actually made Mediterranean

food.Then at another table was Italian food with pasta’s, homemade ravioli;i’s, meatballs, garlic breads…





This year , first prize went to a

group that smoked a beef brisket,

pulled pork, jalapeno cornbread…





















 the” best theme” was the group from Mexico, with mariachis, mulley with chicken,  marinated and grilled

skirt steaks,homemade guacamole, salsa,…

Mexican Food


It was a great day, just hanging out, and

sampling great food!


wonder what it will be next year!


Brenda Kasprzyk


Real People Realty


 Mexican food