Eyesore in Palos Heights.Transformer

Did you ever take a client to a property, and

there’s a transformer  close by ? Well the

residents of Palos Heights improved their


With the aid of many devoted citizens, local

companies and community organizations, the

town of Palos Heights switched a ComEd

transformer site into a creative retreat for

community events, or just a time of relaxing on

a park bench..

    Entrance Sign





Created by Maria DeCaprio-Sunta, a

nearby resident, she also  has her very

owncable television show called 

“Painting in Palos.”

       Butterfly Girl

Butterfly Girl



Gregory Johnson’s work is about sculpting a

life in art. He was raised in Palos and

today resides in Cummings, Georgia.

He’s most known for his thoughtful

representations of heros large and small in

addition to wildlife.



Peace Cranes were designed by Linda Fringo,

an art teacher at Palos East Elementary School.

Her inspiration came from a trip to Japan with a

group of art teachers. .


If your in the neighborhood stop by the Art

Garden in Palos Heights, at 123rd and Harlem.






Brenda Kasprzyk

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