Chicago Cubs Broke 12 Game Losing Streak!

scoreboard at Wrigley



It finally happened, on Memorial Day,

the Cubs won a long-awaited win 11-7.

(even-though the Cubs are in last

place 16 wins , and 32 loses. That

really wasn’t so surprising that they

won, it had to happen soon .




Hopefully they can string together a bunch of wins.

wrigley field




While listening to the game I was reminded  at

3:00 to stop, pause, pray ,and remember all

those brave courageous men and women who

gave up their own lives, and those who are

presently  active serving our country.Im sure

we can do a lot more for these Heroes !

In 2000, Congress passed a law promoting a

National Moment of Remembrance.




This statute calls for all Americans to pause at 3

p.m. on Memorial Day for a minute to

remember the holiday’s true meaning.

mike vanek


Thank you! Mike Vanek  for your sacrifice. he is actively serving.


Brenda Kasprzyk

Real People Realty